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Bukwang registered composition patent for SOL-804 in Europe

- approved in Europe and Eurasia, Australia, Mexico

- Phase 1 study will be conducted in Europe after Korea

Bukwang Pharmaceutical (“Bukwang”) announced that its subsidiary, Dyna Therapeutics (“Dyna”) registered composition patent for anti-cancer drug ‘SOL-804’ (Title: Solid oral formulation of lipophilic compound) to Europe and Eurasia, Australia, Mexico. It has been waiting for the approval of the clinical study and is also going to progress the clinical study in Europe after Korea.

SOL-804 is an improved and proprietary formulated version of a currently available drug for the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. The proprietary formulation removes food effect and allows administration of lower dose hence SOL-804 is expected to increase patient compliance and safety profile.

Dyna is Bukwang’s 100% owned subsidiary which was established to focus on drug delivery and formulation. Bukwang and Dyna said, “SOL-804 has been registered in Europe and expected to decrease food effect in patients with lower doses. With the clinical studies planned, SOL-804 is going to show its outcomes soon.”

Bukwang has diverse projects including the clinical study for the treatment of Covid-19 virus with levovir, the phase 3 study for schizophrenia treatment. It has also planned to list its subsidiary company, Contera Pharma, on KOSDAQ. Bukwang has been focusing on CNS and anti-cancer medicines through the research collaboration with Oxford-Dundee Univ. and the joint-venture, Jaguahr.

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