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Bukwang Pharmaceutical increased the number of patients for the clinical trial of covid-19 treatment

Bukwang increased the number of patients from 40 to 80

Bukwang announced that they decided to increase the patients of the second domestic clinical trial(CLV-203) of covid-19(SARS-CoV-2) treatment because they found the tendency of viruses’ quantity reduction compared to placebo in the first domestic clinical trial(CLV-201). They explained that the analysis of CLV-201 has been still ongoing, so the final official data of it will come later.

The reason why they increased the number of patients in CLV-203 which measures the quantity of live viruses is to reinforce the reliability of the data.

40 patients which was the initial objective of CLV-203 were recruited just in 3 weeks and another added patients will be also recruited sooner.

It is expected that the anti-viral medicines as Levovir will be helpful to block the spread of viruses and prevent the patients’ worsening condition due to COVID-19 by suppressing the live viruses.

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