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Bukwang initiates dosing of SOL-804 in the phase 1 study

- an improved treatment of prostate cancer ,the study will be ended within the first half of 2022

Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Bukwang) announced that SOL-804 has initiated the first dosing in phase 1 study. It is conducted in Seoul National Univ. hospital with 40 patients and will compare SOL-804 to Zytiga in the safety, tolerance, and pharmacodynamics characteristics. It will be randomized, crossed, and single dose administered.

SOL-804 is an improved and proprietary formulated version of a currently available drug for the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. It will improve the convenience and drug compliance of the patients. A rapid approval, sales, and license-out are also expected by reducing the development period.

The global market size of prostate cancer has been getting bigger and passed over 12 trillion dollars in 2019. It will reach 23 trillion dollars in 2027.

The subsidiary of Bukwang, Dyna Therapeutics (“Dyna”) registered a composition patent for anti-cancer drug ‘SOL-804’ (Title: Solid oral formulation of lipophilic compound) to the U.S. The patent is also approved in Japan, Eurasia, Europe, Australia, Mexico, and Singapore. The process of applying for patents is ongoing in Brazil, Canada, China, Hongkong, Israel, India, Korea, Newzealand, and the republic of South Africa.

Bukwang has been also improving new immuno-oncology therapeutics for global markets targeting the AhR pathway through JAGUAHR Therapeutics, a joint venture between Bukwang and ASLAN Pharmaceuticals. Bukwang is also focusing on CAR-T treatment with another bio venture, ImmPACT Bio USA Inc. It is developing a novel set of engineered T-cell therapeutics that target loss of genes in solid tumors.

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