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Bukwang expanded the partnership of ‘Aprovel and CoAprovel’ to General Hospitals

-Bukwang made a contract with Sanofi-Aventis Korea on sales-marketing expansion

Bukwang Pharmaceutical(CEO Yoo Hee Won) announced that they made a contract with Sanofi-Aventis Korea on partnership expansion about sales-marketing of Aprovel(ingredient : irbesartan) and CoAprovel(ingredient : irbesartan+hydrochlorothiazide). The channel of the products is going to expand to not only local clinics but general hospitals.

Since Jan. of 2020, Bukwang and Sanofi-Korea have collaborated with sales and marketing of the products. Sanofi-Korea have taken responsibility for general hospitals' sales and marketing and Bukwang have taken local clinics’.

Buwang said they will promote to all the channels from Jan of 2022 by adjusting this new contract of the products.

Aprovel(irbesartan, an angiotensin II receptor blocker)is a treatment of hypertension and has clinical trial evidence on the hypertension patients with kidney disease induced diabetes. Also, the combination treatment named CoAprovel(:irbesartan+hydrochlorothiazide) can drop the blood pressure effectively because it includes diuretic. The sales amount of the two products reaches about 20 billion won based on UBIST data.

Bukwang said they expect to strengthen their position in the cardiovascular market by expanding business areas through continuous cooperation with Sanofi-Aventis Korea.

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