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Bukwang announces patent registration of SOL-804 in 32 countries

registration in more 6 countries, including Korea in this year

Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Bukwang) announced that the composition patent for SOL-804, a prostate cancer treatment of its subsidiary, Dyna Therapeutics, has been recently registered in 6 more countries this year. The patent is registered in 32 countries, Korea, Japan, United States, Eurasia (2 countries), Europe (20 countries), Australia, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, India, Canada, and Israel.

SOL-804 is an improved version of currently available drugs that aim to improve absorption and food effects, which are the weakness of currently available treatments for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. With its proprietary formulation, SOL-804 is expected to increase patient’s convenience and compliance.

In March of this year, the result of phase 1 indicated that a low dose of SOL-804 exerted a significant pharmacokinetic profile compared to the existing drug, Zytiga. Company plans to file an IND of clinical study for approval within this year.

The global prostate cancer market size is growing rapidly. It has already passed over 12 trillion KRW, and it is expected to reach approximately 23 trillion KRW by 2027.

Dyna Therapeutics is Bukwang’s wholly owned subsidiary, which licensed the worldwide development and commercial rights of SOL-804 from Solural Pharma in 2017.

“SOL-804 is expected to be commercialized quickly as an incrementally modified drug. It is expected to drive sales growth together with Lurasidone, which is a treatment for schizophrenia and bipolar depression that resulted in a positive outcome from the recent clinical study. In addition, future global sales is expected to be high since the patent covers the most major countries” Bukwang representative said.

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