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BNO BIO, a joint company by Bukwang and OCI, invests in a bio-venture that develop a technology in e

BNO BIO has invested $1 million in Nucleix, an Israeli bio-venture

  • The first global investment by BNO BIO since its inception

  • Going forward, BNO BIO expects its active participation in equity investment with expanded therapeutic portfolio.

2019.06.26 BNO BIO Co., Ltd. (“BNO BIO”) announced that it has signed an agreement to invest 1M USD to Nucleix Ltd. (“Nucleix”), an Israeli bio-venture company. This investment also marked BNO BIO’s first investment since its inception in July 2018.

Nucleix was established in 2008 and is located in Rehovot, Israel. The company has a unique platform technology for early cancer detection in liquid biopsy samples from blood or urine. Nucleix’s technology is based on proprietary bioinformatics and sophisticated machine learning algorithms that made early cancer detection possible. With higher selectivity and sensitivity, Nucleix’s technology is differentiated from currently available liquid biopsy diagnostics. Today, Nucleix’s non-invasive diagnostic tests have been approved in Europe and is undergoing confirmatory clinical study to gain medical device approval in the US.

BNO BIO, which is jointly established by strategic alliance between Bukwang, a leader in bio/pharma open innovation, and OCI, a global leader in green energy and chemicals, aims to invest more than 10 billion KRW (approximately $8.6 millions) annually in promising bio-venture with innovative drug/healthcare technology.

Leveraging the strategic advantages of Bukwang and OCI in the industry, BNO BIO plans to strengthen its business through investment in diverse portfolio covering innovative drug/healthcare technology.

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