Bukwang Announced commencement of Phase 2 Clinical Study of JM-010 in major European countries

- to be completed within 2 years

Bukwang Pharmaceutical (“Bukwang”) announced today that the phase 2 clinical study of JM-010, a new potential treatment for dyskinesia in Parkinson’s disease, has recently been initiated. JM-010 is currently developed by Copenhagen-based Contera Pharma, a subsidiary of Bukwang.

About 90% of patients who have been taking L-dopa for 10 years or longer develop dyskinesia, a difficult to treat condition and thus an unmet medical need. JM-010, which is expected to treat this condition, has been tested in phase 1 PK study and phase 2a study successfully in Germany and South Africa, respectively, and has been approved in the fourth quarter last year by relevant competent authorities to initiate phase 2 clinical study in Germany, France, and Spain.

Bukwang has also held investigators’ meeting in Germany in late April 2019 and the first Site Initiation Visit has been successfully conducted at Klinikum Hanau Hospital in Germany on June 12th. By speeding up the patient registration, Bukwang expects the phase 2 clinical study will be completed within 2 years.

During the investigator meeting, Bukwang observed there was high expectation from participating investigators because there is no drug approved to treat dyskinesia in Europe so far. Bukwang aims to deliver JM-010 as a ‘best-in-class’ treatment choice that offer complete solution to treat dyskinesia in Parkinson’s disease.

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