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Bukwang Announces Completion of MLR-1023’s Phase 2b clinical trial

- Fast speed of study progression, expecting results in January next year

MLR-1023’s phase 2b study is completed on December 14th EST. Phase 2b study included 400 type 2 diabetes patients with 61 sites, 40 in US and 21 in Korea, was designed to test Bukwang’s novel diabetic candidate, MLR-1023.

Enrollment of Phase 2b clinical trials initiated in August 2017 and were completed in August 2018. Last patient’s dosing was at the end of November, and with 4 weeks of observation period, final completion of study is on December 14th.

Time of duration was 16 months, which well represents Bukwang’s high capability of conducting global clinical studies.

Clinical top line results are expected to be available as early as January of 2019, and the overall results is planned to be presented at the American Diabetes Association in June 2019.

Bukwang representative said, "The phase 2b of MLR-1023’s has ended and we are now able to confirm the results in a month. This is a step up in the value of new drug candidate, starting with JP Morgan Healthcare Conference We look forward to having high interest in various business meetings. "

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