Bukwang Pharmaceuticals, began to expand the lineup of anticancer drugs - Development of drugs for

Bukwang has recently established a small but solid position in the anticancer drug industry, which is considered as the exclusive product of foreign companies. In addition, it seems to be spurring on the development of new drugs, such as clinical trials for candidate anticancer drugs, in order to continuously expand the field of anticancer drugs.

In the case of Rivoceranib(Apatinib), which Bukwang has rights to domestic development, it has already undergone a Phase III clinical study in LSKB for gastric cancer, and China's Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine is already selling it as a gastric cancer treatment, and clinical trials for liver cancer have also been published in the journal, which shows excellent efficacy for both monotherapy and transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) combination therapy for primary and secondary treatments. Therefore, Bukwang is discussing with experts in various fields to carry out clinical trials of liver cancer of rivoceranib. The discussions on liver cancer development are expected to make full use of the strengths of Bukwang Pharm, which has established a unique position in liver disease.

According to the 'Cause of Death Causes' in 2016 (ref. National Statistical Office), death from liver cancer is the second leading cause of death in Korea, following lung cancer.

In addition, Bukwang Pharmaceutical is in the process of developing incrementally modified drug for prostate cancer from Solulal Pharma in Denmark and expects to begin clinical trials in the first half of next year.

Currently, Bukwang Pharmaceutical is introducing NAVELBINE INJ, for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer and breast cancer, and HOLOXAN INJ, ENDOXAN INJ and UROMITEXAN INJ, which are essential for the treatment of blood cancer and solid cancer, from Pierre Fabre and Baxter, respectively.

Company representative said, "as well as expanding the pipeline of anticancer drugs, company is putting efforts in strengthening academic capability in sales department in liver, stomach, breast and lung cancer by implementing the new system called anticancer champion system.”

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