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Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(“Bukwang”) registered patents on a therapeutic candidate for Levodo

Bukwang said it registered patents on the use and composition of ‘JM-010’ with Korean Intellectual Property Office (Title : Combinations of serotonin receptor agonists for treatment of movement disorders). ‘JM-010’ is a treatment for ‘Levodopa-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson’s disease’ developed by Bukwang’s subsidiary named Contera Pharma ApS, which is a Danish bio venture specialized in CNS(Central Nervous System).

Bukwang filed three international patents regarding ‘JM-010’: Use and composition, formulations and metabolite patents. The patent for use and composition, which has been only recently registered in Korea, has been already registered in the US, Europe(32 countries), Australia, China and Japan. Furthermore, it is under review and awaiting registration approval in other countries. Also, the patent for formulations has been registered in Europe (21 countries), Australia, and China and Japan, and is under review for registration in other countries.

LID refers to Levodopa-induced dyskinesia, a common side effect found in Parkinson’s disease patients who have been constantly treated with L-DOPA. ‘JM-010’, a treatment for LID, has successfully completed phase 2a study and is preparing for the global phase 2b study mainly in US and Europe.

A representative from Bukwang said, “The registration of ‘JM-010’ patents in major countries including the US and Europe would provide Bukwang with an opportunity to further expand its business internationally and become acknowledged for its technological originality and novelty.”

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