Bukwang Pharm launched "TAVEX GEL 90g, high-volume product" - TAVEX GEL for all children a

Bukwang Pharmaceutical launched a 90g product, a high-volume product of TAVEX GEL, well known products for bruising and muscle aches.

TAVEX GEL is a gel-type product that can be applied neatly and can be used in children and adolescents even in school infirmary by having advantages of not including the unique scent of other topical anti-inflammatory products.

Increased demands from customers that it is needed to have high volume of product. To satisfy their need, Company decided to change the product line from manufacturing only 50g.

The major components of TAVEX GEL are Aescin and Diethylamine salicylate, which are used for the bruises, sprain, painful lesions of the spine (disc lesions, neck pain, sciatica), hematoma, and tenosynovitis.

The market for external anti-inflammatory drugs, to which TAVEX GEL belongs, is continuously growing at an annual average rate of 6%.

An official of Bukwang Pharmaceutical said, "consumers are only aware of products that there are either age-limited or with strong stimulants. We are going to actively advertise to those of whom do not well aware of products that can be safely used in both children and adolescents, so that more and more people can use this safe to use product"

TAVEX GEL is a efficacy-proven OTC product that can be purchased in pharmacies."

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