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Bukwang launched cosmetic products to target Dermocosmetic industry Importing ‘Repavar’ products fro

Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., is now ready to enter into new industry by importing and developing cosmetic products. Bukwang is planning to launch skin suppression and moisturizing cosmetic product ‘Repavar Pielato” (a brand of Ferrer Healthcare , Spain) in the first semester of 2017 and will start the pre-marketing activities in January. Repavar Pielato is a product suitable for daily use, appropriate for men and women of all ages, fit for dry skin as well as other types of skin. A Total of four products: body lotion, body cream, extreme body cream and facial cream, will be supplied by Ferrer Healthcare as final products.

To maintain sufficient amount of water content in human’s stratum corneum which is about 30%, there are several important factors such as natural moisture factor, maintenance of lipid layer in between corneous cell, and maintenance of skin barrier function. All Repavar Pielato products contain SK-influx, a complex of ceramide phytospingosine and cholesterol, for enhanced skin moisturization and protection, when applied locally, and eventually improving skin condition when applied locally. Notably, the Extreme Body Cream product contains SKIN CALM COMPLEX (a mix of SK-influx, γ-linoleic acid and vegetable extracts) that balances skin layers and improves skin barrier.

Ferrer Healthcare conducted two in vitro studies with Extreme Body Cream. The first study demonstrated 90% reduction of IL- 1α concentration and ameliorating pruritus with administration of the product. The second in vitro study showed improvement of skin barrier in comparison to negative control when the product was administered for 7 days. Each study result was published in The Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Science and Applications in 2014.

Under “Repavar” brand, Ferrer Healthcare has agreed to supply Bukwang with its Facial Cream, Body Lotion, Body Cream and Extreme Body Cream, all are beloved products by its current customers in Spain, Ferrer Healthcare is mainly focused on dermatological area, including dermocosmetic by developing line of product for skin vitality, moisturizing, and anti-aging. Currently, Bukwang is actively marketing its dermatological portfolios under license agreement such as “Nadixa cream” for acne and “Dermofix cream’ as well as ‘Dermofix gel’ for fungal infection. With addition of Repavar Pielato in its portfolio, Bukwang is now expanding its business into dermocosmetics. Bukwang has also established strategic subsidiary called Bukwang Medica that focuses on OTC manufacturing and sales to ensure that the company will continuously developing and launching cosmetic products to satisfy market needs.

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