Bukwang Pharm. launches 3 products in Sirinmed Tea series

Bukwang Pharm. recently launched 3 types of “Sirinmed Tea” toothpaste, which are respectively scented with puer tea, white tea and longjing tea.

The “Sirinmed Tea” toothpastes have the same composition as “Sirinmed F” toothpaste, which was proven to help improve sensitive teeth symptoms in 92.4% of cases in clinical trial. The main ingredient (hydroxyapatite) is a natural component of human teeth and effectively reduces pain from sensitive teeth by filling up exposed areas on teeth.

“Launch of “Sirinmed Tea” series will give consumers a wider range of “Sirinmed” toothpastes to choose from according to their personal tastes,” Bukwang’s representative said.

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