Bukwang Medica launches “Probiotics”

Bukwang Medica, Bukwang Pharm’s subsidiary company, launched “Probiotics” in cooperation with Chr. Hansen A/S of Denmark. The product provides encapsulated lactobacillus from the Danish company, a global market leader with 142 years of history in the lactobacillus market.

“Probiotics” contains a mixture of 5 lactobacillus species (BB-12, LA-5, LBY-27, STY-31 and LC-01) from Chr. Hansen as exclusively developed strains. The guaranteed count of lactobacilli is one billion colony forming units (CFU) per capsule.

“Probiotics” promotes lactobacillus growth and inhibits harmful bacteria, thereby normalizing the intestinal microflora. This in turn could improve constipation and diarrhea, stimulate bowel movements and strengthen the immune system.

The product is convenient as only one capsule is needed per day and the capsules are small to allow easy swallowing. Also, the capsules are kept in special patented moisture-resistant packaging, which is comfortable for carrying around as well as assuring high stability.

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