Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. eliminates parben from their oral care prdoucts.

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recently announced amendment of ‘Sanitary Aid Product License· Registration· Examination Policy’. The main issue of the amendment is that classifying daily products such as toothpaste, gargle, wet tissue for mouthcare as oral care products and unifying the types of paraben which used as the preservatives in those products.

Before this announcement of Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Bukwang already eliminated paraben from all their toothpastes including Sirinmed F, Bukwangtax, Anitplaque in 2015. Moreover, Bukwang plans not to use any parben and triclosan in their expected oral care products.

Bukwang’s representative said, “Bukwang puts their best effort to produce the oral care products that are safe and trustworthy.”

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