Bukwang Pharm. launches Omega-3 Forte, an omega-3 nutritional supplement

The Pharmacy Sales department of Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announced the launch of “Omega-3 Forte,” a nutritional supplement product.

Omega-3 Forte improves triglyceride profile in the blood and helps better blood circulation. Also, this product was produced using the rTG (re-esterified triglyceride) process, a hypercritical extraction process at low temperature. Omega-3 extracted using this process is absorbed well into the body and maintains low rancidity. The major ingredient is supplied by KD Pharma in Germany and manufactured by VIVA Pharma in Canada.

Bukwang’s Omega-3 Forte contains 1,100mg of EPA and DHA, twice the amount of the nutrients as the other marketed supplements. The product’s other advantages include convenient dosing and reasonable price.

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