Bukwang Pharm. participates in APASL STC 2016, largest international liver symposium in Korea

The GI (gastrointestinal) department of Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. participated in the 2016 APASL STC (Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver Single Topic Conference), held at the Paradise Hotel in Busan. The attendees from Bukwang promoted the company’s liver disease products including “Legalon Cap.” and “Bukwang Entecavir Tab.”

APASL STC is an Asian Pacific symposium on liver disease on international scale. This year was the second time since 2011 that this symposium was held in Korea. In this year’s event, up-to-date research on major liver diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, fatty liver, cirrhosis and liver cancer was presented, under the theme of “Recent Advances in Prevention and Management of Cirrhotic Complications.” About 700 physicians specialized in the area of liver disease participated in the event from Korea and abroad.

Bukwang distributed leaflets on its liver disease drugs such as Legalon Cap. and gave booth exhibition on Bukwang Entecavir Tab. Legalon Cap. is a branded formulation of Carduus marianus extract (silymarin) developed by MEDA in Germany. Promoting regeneration of liver cells and with antioxidant effect, Legalon Cap. is Bukwang’s leading liver disease product that has been prescribed to Korean patients for over 40 years so far. Bukwang Entecavir Tab. is a generic entecavir formulation for chronic hepatitis B launched in October 2015. Not only does it have equipotent efficacy and comparable safety, Entecavir Tab. is under clinical study in more than 30 universities and tertiary hospitals in Korea to re-validate its efficacy and safety and to study its dosing convenience. Also, Entecavir Tab. is aimed to reduce patients’ economic burden since it is priced 34% lower than the original product.

Bukwang’s representative in the GI department said, “This event was a good opportunity for heightening trust in Bukwang and our products. We have established our image as a company specialized in liver disease treatment to Korean and foreign physicians, evident from our long experience in development and commercialization of drugs against liver diseases.”

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