Bukwang Pharm. launches Wild Mango Slim, MFDS-certified nutritional supplement for body fat reductio

Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announced the launch of “Wild Mango Slim,” a nutritional supplement that helps reduce body fat.

The main ingredient is wild mango seed extract. The product contains a significant 800mg of this ingredient per tablet. Wild mango seed extract is known to increase secretion of adiponectin and improve body’s responsiveness to leptin. Adiponectin is a fat-lysing hormone which reduces size of adipose cells by breaking down body fat. Leptin is a hormone that controls blood glucose level, thereby suppressing appetite and helping with diabetes.

Also, a clinical trial with 107 obese patients with BMI (body mass index) above 25 showed that taking 150mg of wild mango seed extract twice daily for 10 weeks resulted in an average of 12.8kg of body weight reduction.

Wild Mango Slim is expected to be highly sought after by consumers who are interested in losing weight. On top of its body fat reduction effect, its dosing regimen is convenient as it is taken one tablet at a time, once daily between meals. One bottle of the product contains 30 tablets, which allows one month of dosing by this regimen.

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