Bukwang Pharm. launches GingQ Premium – nutritional supplement for enhancing blood flow and memory w

Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announced launch of “GingQ Premium” which can help improve blood flow and memory.

The main ingredients are 120mg of gingko leaf extract known to be beneficial for blood flow and memory, 100mg of coenzyme Q10 that helps reduce high blood pressure and zinc which is essential for normal immune function. On top of them, a high dosage of hawthorn berry extract with antioxidant effect was also added as a minor ingredient, so that consumers who have been taking these ingredients separately could enjoy the convenience of taking them all at once.

Coenzyme Q10 contained in this product is an especially important nutrient for consumers who are in their 40s onwards. Although it is synthesized in the body, the amount starts decreasing from the age of 20. Especially, those who regularly take statins for hyperlipidemia should make sure they supplement their diet with extra coenzyme Q10 in order to prevent deficiencies and related side effects such as muscle cramps.

Bukwang’s representative said, “if you would like improvement in blood flow along with vitamin supplementation, we would recommend GingQ Vita, whereas if you would like strong antioxidant effect as well as blood flow enhancement, GingQ Premium would be a great choice.”

GingQ Premium is taken one capsule per day and each package contains 120 capsules, lasting 4 months.

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