Bukwang Pharm. signs export agreement for own incrementally modified product “Dexid Tab.” - Dexid Ta

Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announced on March 3rd that they signed an export agreement for Dexid Tab., an incrementally modified product for diabetic neuropathy developed by Bukwang. The

agreement was made with Kalbe International Pte. Ltd. to export Dexid Tab. to 6 countries including

the Philippines and Vietnam.

Dexid Tab. was developed in-house at Bukwang and launched in Korea early 2014. Dexid Tab. only

includes the R-form of the thioctic acid, which is the main ingredient of Thioctacid, a product for

diabetic neuropathy. Thioctic acid exists as a racemate but the R-form is the major active form.

Therefore, Dexid Tab. retains the efficacy of Thioctacid while having reduced dose of 480 as opposed

to 600mg of Thioctacid. This change has the benefit of improving patients’ compliance.

Bukwang’s representative said, “we are happy to be able to supply Dexid Tab. to foreign patients of

diabetic neuropathy as well as to Korean patients. This export agreement is the first of its kind

achieved for Dexid which our teams have been working hard for, and is expected to be expanded with

time. The time taken until launch and sale of Dexid differs from country to country, but we are

expecting it will be on the market in 2~3 years from now in 6 countries in South East Asia. This will

bring us about 15 million USD of export sales in the next 5 years.”

Bukwang is exploring the overseas market for toothpastes and nutritional supplements as well as

therapeutics. In this way, Bukwang aims to further activate their overseas business.

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