Bukwang signs exclusive marketing agreement with Eisai on Selbex Cap., a gastritis and gastric ulcer

Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announced that Bukwang and Eisai Korea Inc. signed an agreement that gives Bukwang exclusive marketing rights for Selbex Cap. in Korea. Bukwang will initiate proactive marketing and sales activities with this product starting from this year.

Selbex Cap., developed by Eisai Co., Ltd. in Japan, is a treatment for gastritis and gastric ulcer. The active compound teprenone stimulates synthesis and secretion of stomach mucus, thereby improving protection of the mucosal membrane from the stomach acid. Teprenone is known to be effective and safe, unassociated with problems frequently experienced with acid blockers, such as acid rebound and decrease in protective function of mucosal membrane.

“Selbex Cap. has been prescribed for a long time in Korea to patients suffering from gastritis and gastric ulcer, so its safety and efficacy have been thoroughly validated in the market. We believe that Selbex Cap. will produce synergy with Bukwang’s other gastrointestinal system products such as Phazyme Tab., Fexadine Cap. and Agio Granule,” Bukwang’s representative said.

“Since the reorganization of sales force in March 2014, Bukwang’s sales department has been divided into therapeutic areas. For Selbex Cap., expert sales representatives of the GI Department will be responsible for aggressive marketing and sales activities,” the representative added.

Many Korean pharmaceutical companies have so far been aiming to boost their sales by sales agreements with foreign companies. Meanwhile, Bukwang’s current deal with Eisai Korea seems to convey a strategic change directed at external growth.

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