Bukwang Pharm leading the market for generics of Baraclude

Since patent expiry of Baraclude on October 10th, 62 generics have been launched. It is gradually getting clear which of them are most successful.

According to UBIST, there are 10 companies whose monthly prescription amount is over 10 million KRW. Among them, Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is leading the market with their “Bukwang Entecavir Tab.” ranked at the top in terms of prescription amounts in October and November. Although it may be rather early to tell, this may be a sign that Bukwang will remain strong in this market. Bukwang is also leading the market for generics of Hepsera (adefovir).

The Korean generic market is saturated, so success is hard to achieve unless the company is already specialized in the relevant area. Bukwang acquired unrivaled expertise in hepatitis by development of Levovir (clevudine) as a novel drug for hepatitis B. Dr. Hee Won Yoo, President and CEO of Bukwang, received plaque of appreciation from the Korean Association for the Study of the Liver for this achievement, at the 20th anniversary celebration event in November.

Bukwang’s representative made an optimistic observation, saying “Up until November, most prescription comes from the clinics since they do not have a designated examination process for newly approved drugs. Bukwang’s entecavir generic will be registered in more than 50 tertiary hospitals including 10 teaching hospitals. If these hospitals start prescribing the product, it would not be difficult to maintain the lead in the market.”

Bukwang is expecting a significant increase in sales approximating 20% next year, thanks to additional sales of 15 billion KRW from Bukwang Entecavir Tab. and 10 billion KRW sales from its other products.

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