Bukwang Pharm. establishes “Vex” line of topical anti-inflammatory analgesic products - Comprising o

Bukwang Pharm. launched 3 products with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties named with the same

suffix of “~vex,” creating a so-called “Vex” line. This line originated from Tavex Gel, Bukwang’s famous topical product for pains deeper than muscle fatigue. Following Tavex, Venovex Gel for bruises and swelling and Artivex Gel for joint and muscle pain were launched in sequence.

The first product in the “Vex” line is Tavex Gel. Tavex Gel contains aescin and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), producing dual effects on edema and inflammation. By thus inhibiting pain from both edema and inflammatory substances, Tavex is good for alleviating contusions and symptoms from sports activities such as hiking and golf. Also, Tavex is not systemically absorbed, enabling its use in children under parental supervision.

Secondly, Artivex Gel contains diclofenac, an NSAID already known to be effective for joint and muscle pain. Artivex is quickly absorbed and relieves acute pain. Diclofenac diethylammonium is a highly effective NSAID well suited for percutaneous delivery. Artivex Gel’s package was designed with the same motif as Tavex, an all-time favorite. Bukwang plans to display the two products side by side, giving consumers more to choose from and possibly promoting Artivex with halo effect of Tavex.

Last but not least, Venovex targets the market for bruises and swelling, which has been growing steadily for the last 3 years. Women and children, who easily get bruises, can use Venovex without irritation. Also, Venovex is expected to become popular as an aftercare for plastic surgeries since one of the problems after surgeries is swelling and Venovex Gel can be used right under make-up due to rapid absorption.

Bukwang’s topical products are free of strong odors or irritations and relieve pain, swelling and bruises. This is an advantage that allows their convenient use in any place and would appeal to consumers who do not prefer strong odors or irritations.

Bukwang is striving to increase consumer satisfaction and familiarity to the brand by establishing the topical product line. Bukwang’s ultimate goal is to help consumers with their daily inconveniences and care for their health more easily.

Bukwang is carrying out various marketing activities to approach consumers. Also, Bukwang is expanding direct transaction with pharmacies to benefit the pharmacies and increasing sales representatives involved in direct transactions.

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