Bukwang Pharm. launches toothbrush-cleaning tablets “Steryl Brush Tabs.” - Eliminates 99.9% of bacte

Recent media reports revealed that tooth-brushing tools used by children at kindergartens in Korea contained seriously high bacterial counts, notably with higher number of E. coli than the toilet. The bacterial contamination was worst in the toothbrush among the tools. It was a shock to many that bacteria that can cause food poisoning and fungi were found along with E. coli in them.

Although the reports were only based on analysis of tooth-brushing tools in kindergartens, common households would probably not be free of these concerns if analysis were broadened to cover them. The researchers involved in the analysis explained that bacterial contamination occurred because the tools were kept wet in humid environments or not sterilized properly.

Consumers who try to keep their toothbrushes clean often use UV ray sterilizers. Unfortunately, most of the bacteria are found in the inner side of the bristles and it is hard to remove such bacteria from every corner of the toothbrush with UV ray because light travels straight. Also, the plastic handle of toothbrush may be damaged by the ray.

On the other hand, Steryl Brush Tabs. effervesces in water and penetrates to the deepest part of the bristles to remove bacteria, fungi and virus when placed in 15ml of tepid water for 15 minutes. Toothbrushes can be kept for up to a day in the water with Steryl Brush if more thorough cleansing is desired. Steryl Brush can be used with common toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes and interdental brushes.

“Steryl Brush removed 99.5% of Candida albicans that causes stomatitis and 99.98% of Streptococcus mutans which causes tooth decay in the clinical trial. It also received ISO certification, so consumers can use it with confidence in its quality,” Bukwang’s representative said. “Bukwang already boasts a range of oral care products such as Antiplague, Sirinmed, BukwangTax and Fitty Dent. We will continue to help consumers take care of their oral health by further expanding the range,” the representative added.

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