Bukwang Pharm. holds R&D Workshop

Bukwang Pharm. held R&D Workshop at Yangpyeong KOBACO Training Institute, from 27th to 28th of November.

This workshop was organized to explore new opportunities and direction that Bukwang Pharm. could pursue in the fast-changing pharmaceutical industry. Participants came from 4 teams involved in Bukwang’s R&D, and gathered around to share their ideas and brainstorm about them.

Various topics were discussed in the workshop, ranging from new markets Bukwang should consider entering, novel drug targets and management objectives. The participants also had in-depth discussion about short- and long-term projects at the company. One of the participants said “it was an important occasion to think about the company’s R&D strategies together and many creative and interesting ideas were suggested. Some of them will be applied in the next year’s business plan. Also, it was a great opportunity to enhance solidarity and fellowship between the participants.”

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