Bukwang launches the first cleaner for braces “Fitty Dent Mega Cleansing Tabs.”

Bukwang Pharm.’s denture cleaner “Fitty Dent Mega Cleansing Tabs.” received approval for additional indication from the Korea MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) as a cleaner for braces, for the first time in Korea.

More and more people are wearing braces every year to straighten their teeth. Since braces are worn directly in the mouth, it is very important to clean them well. So far, cleaners targeted at cleaning similar devices were used, but Fitty Dent is now available for use with braces.

Imported from Austria as completed product, Fitty Dent brand is sold at pharmacies in two types, Fitty Dent Sensitive Denture Adhesive and Fitty Dent Mega Cleansing Tabs. According to research in Germany, Fitty Dent ranked no. 1 in consumer satisfaction. Fitty Dent Denture Adhesive is the only waterproof product in the market, so causes minimal gum damage due to its excellent adhesive power enabling the denture to stick stably in presence of saliva or water. Also, it has stabilizing effect on the gum as it contains aloe vera and myrrh. Fitty Dent Mega Cleansing Tablets are the only cleaner for waterproof products. It produces hardly any precipitates, allowing consumers to use it conveniently.

“We are happy to provide new products for consumers who are concerned about hygiene of their dentures and braces, by adding indication for cleaning of braces,” Bukwang’s representative said.

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