Bukwang granted US patent covering JM-010 for treatment of movement disorders

Bukwang Pharm and its fully owned subsidiary Contera Pharma announced that the United State patent covering the investigational medical product JM-010 and analogues thereof and their uses has been granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent is currently also under review by patent authorities in other countries including Australia, Canada, Japan and Korea. Bukwang and Contera filed a PCT application covering formulations and metabolites of JM-010 as well and expecting they will have no problem with issuance as well. Bukwang’s representative said they were trying proactively to strengthen the intellectual property position of JM-010 and extend the patent lives.

JM-010 is a novel candidate for movement disorder following levodopa treatment in Parkinson’s disease patients. This movement disorder, called levodopa-induced dyskinesia, occurs in 60~70% of the patients who receive long-term levodopa treatment. A Phase 2a clinical trial for this candidate is currently ongoing in South Africa.

Bukwang’s subsidiary Contera Pharma is a CNS-focused bioventure based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Contera’s founders belonged to the team leading CNS and diabetes R&D at Novo Nordisk. Bukwang bought 100% of shares of Contera on 24th of November last year.

Bukwang and Contera are highly expectant of patent issuance in other countries and successful development of their projects.

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