Bukwang Pharm. opens a brand new homepage

Bukwang Pharm. announced opening of a brand new homepage ( and

The renewal of the previous website was targeted at improving the static nature, lack of communicational avenues, accessibility and convenience for the users. Menu and design were simplified to facilitate access to the contents. Also, the new homepage is easily modifiable by the department in charge of maintenance, which would keep the website active.

Based on WIX, the new homepage focuses on introducing Bukwang’s R&D and news, along with diverse contents such as product information, company profile, new products and commercials, all of which were designed to be intuitively accessed.

“The previous homepage used to be difficult to update continually because cooperation between departments that generate information and those that make the homepage was not fluent,” Bukwang’s personnel said. “The new homepage can be directly modified by the departments that generate the contents. It is also optimized for the mobile environments, so we can respond proactively to the consumers’ needs. We

are planning to continue maintenance of the webpage to interact with our consumers and visitors to the

homepage,” added the personnel.

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