Bukwang Pharm. establishes Bukwang Medica, subsidiary for OTC and nutritional supplements as part of

Bukwang Pharm. established a subsidiary company named Bukwang Medica last June, aimed at specialization of over-the-counter (OTC) and nutritional supplement business and optimal use of existing facilities. ukwang’s Factory no. 1, located at Ansan in Gyeonggi-do, is becoming transformed into manufacturing facilities for OTC and nutritional supplements for the new subsidiary.

Bukwang has previously moved all the medicinal manufacturing facilities scattered in Factories no. 1 and 2 into Factory no. 2, the process for which took several years and left Factory no. 1 idle. Recently, Bukwang started the nutritional supplement business. This was accompanied by addition of facilities to manufacture these products in Factory no. 1. Later, Bukwang is planning to expand the facilities for producing OTC medicines. Factory no. 1, a historical factory that was the first to receive the KGMP certification in Korea in 1985, is now getting ready for a new start as the manufacturing facilities of Bukwang Medica.

Bukwang Medica is a 100% owned subsidiary of Bukwang Pharm. and will be focusing on OTC and nutritional supplements, while Bukwang Pharm. will be specialized in prescription medicine and new drug R&D, thereby allowing territorial specialization.

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