Bukwang Pharm. launches generic “Bukwang Entecavir Tab.”-Will compete by professional and compliant

Sales department of Bukwang Pharm. braced up for the launch of “Bukwang Entecavir Tab,” a generic product of Baraclude, on the 10th with a workshop involving hospital and clinic sales departments on

the day in September.

Baraclude recorded \154.9 billion in 2014 in the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service (HIRA), ranking as the most prescribed product as a single product. As the generic launch date of October 10th is drawing near, several companies are making attempts to promote their product with inappropriate marketing activities, but Bukwang once again vowed to keep compliance regulations and play based on professionality.

Bukwang is a domestic pharmaceutical company with an unmatched specialty in hepatits B, having developed a new oral hepatitis B drug for the 4th time globally and first time in Asia. This specialty can also be found in sales departments as well as in the R&D of new drugs. The salespersons are best equipped professionals in terms of details for hepatitis treatments, as a result of continued education on the disease and therapies in preparation for the launch. Therefore Bukwang’s strategy is to focus on cost efficacy of “Bukwang Entecavir Tab.” in comparison with Baraclude and Viread while collecting own clinical evidence even though the product is a generic. This would allow Bukwang to differentiate its product from the other generic products.

Also, Bukwang has been keeping highest level of compliance in the industry, and maintained that marketing for “Bukwang Entecavir Tab.” would not be an exception.

Bukwang’s generic for Baraclude is priced lower than most of the counterparts, at \2,650 per 0.5mg. Bukwang is looking forward to starting the marketing activities for its product, with the aim of relieving patients from costs of therapy and inducing prescription through academic and ethical marketing.

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