Make a gift of health with Bukwang’s gift sets-Bukwang’s toothpaste sets free of parabens

Korean Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. It is a most celebrated traditional holiday along with Lunar New Year’s Day, and consumers are already thinking about their gift options. Bukwang Pharm. repared several options for Thanksgiving gift sets, including all-in-one packages with personal hygiene products for all age and toothpaste sets. The toothpaste sets are made up of toothpastes without parabens, which is attracting consumers’ attention.

Bukwang’s gift sets are divided into the premium “Han A Reum” series, “Mi So” series for the families, Haeng Bok” series for the practical consumers and specialty toothpaste sets. These sets contain Bukwang’s popular range of toothpastes such as Antiplaque and Sirinmed, high-quality soaps and hair care products from the Natural Life brand, so they are useful for consumers who prefer certain brands and products. Bukwang’s representative emphasized that their Antiplaque and Sirinmed toothpastes are free of all paraben-type reservatives, therefore being perfect gift options for special ones who are sensitive about health.

Bukwang expects their practical gift sets of personal hygiene products to be popular again this year. More diverse range of gift sets that matches the company’s aim to promote health and trust will be introduced in the future as well.

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