Bukwang Pharm. launches “Bukwang Tadalafil Tab.” for erectile dysfunction-Aims for lowest price with

Bukwang Pharm. launched an erectile dysfunction drug “Bukwang Tadalafil Tab.” 5mg and 20mg on the 4th of September, at a surprisingly low price. It is most economic out of all the oral generics of Cialis, all of which are launched on the same day.

“Tadalafil” is a generic drug of Cialis which records about \20 bil. of sales every year. “Tadalafil” improves erectile function by relaxing the muscle of penis and blood vessels and increasing the blood flow. Especially, the 5mg tablet was recognized for its efficacy in simultaneously improving erectile dysfunction and prostatism when taken every day.

Bukwang has already launched “Bukwang Sildenafil Tab.” at the lowest price in the market in 2013. The generic at the moment is maintaining its top rank in terms of prescription frequency. By low pricing, Bukwang is providing economic and high-quality medication for erectile dysfunction patients, contributing to reduction of serious side effects which may arise from taking fake drugs.

With launch of “Tadalafil” Bukwang now has the highest prescribed line-up of erectile dysfunction treatments including “Bukwang Sildenafil Tab.” This will give the patients options to treatments that are reasonably priced and can be trusted.

“Bukwang Tadalafil Tab.” is available upon prescription from pharmacies across the country.

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