Bukwang Pharm. launches “IQ Plus Tab.,” nutritional supplement for enhancing memory and focus-An OTC

Bukwang Pharm. launched “IQ Plus Tab.,” an over-the-counter nutritional supplement which is effective for enhancing memory and focus, on the 7th of September. “IQ Plus Tab.” contains components of nucleic acid such as uridine and cytidine along with glutamine, a precursor for neutrotransmitters, so it is an ideal nutritional supplement for consumers with high level of brain activities. Bukwang’s representative said “we will concentrate our pharmacy marketing and sales efforts so that “IQ Plus Tab.” can rise to the position of top-selling OTC of Bukwang in a short period of time.”

Recent times have seen small- to middle-sized pharmaceutical companies becoming increasingly interested in OTC business. In this situation, Bukwang is expanding its OTC business faster than other pharma companies. Last August, Bukwang added a soft-capsule formulation to

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