Bukwang’s “Sirinmed” toothpastes undergo renewal into preservative-free products

Bukwang Pharm’s functional toothpaste brand “Sirinmed” is attracting attention due to its renewal as preservative-free toothpastes for prevention of sensitive teeth and gum diseases.

Bukwang removed all synthetic preservatives from the “Sirinmed” series toothpastes and did not replace them with alternative compounds, so that consumers could use them without worrying about their health. The renewed toothpastes were registered to the Korean MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety). For this renewal, Bukwang has built on its technological know-hows in formulation to establish a preservative-free system.

The “Sirinmed” series has a wide range of toothpastes to meet different needs of consumers, from gum diseases to tooth decay. The leading product is “Sirinmed F” which was shown to be effective in clinical trial in improving sensitive teeth. In addition, there are “Sirinmed Gumcare” and “Sirinmed G Sensitive Care” which are also protective of gum and teeth from other diseases, and lastly “Sirinmed S” that is effective in tooth decay prevention.

The new products and renewal of the brand gave “Sirinmed” the second place in the 2015 Korean Brand Power Index in the toothpaste part, as announced by the Korea Management Association Consulting (KMAC).

“We are going to carry out promotion and marketing activities focused on preservative-free renewal, so that we can further increase credibility of the brand and differentiate it from other brands. This would lead to “Sirinmed” acquiring a firmer base as the leading brand in the field of sensitive teeth,” Bukwang’s representative said.

The “Sirinmed” toothpastes are available from large retail stores, supermarkets and pharmacies.

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