Bukwang Pharm. activates its consumer health business encompassing OTCs and household goods – 21 new

Bukwang Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (Co-presidents and CEOs Ms. Hee-Won Yoo, PhD. and Mr. Sang-Hoon Kim) is planning on launching several new OTC products, along with household items such as toothbrush cleaner and nutritional supplements that improve circulation. The OTC products will include items that expand on the existing brands, such as 3 types of cold medicines containing soft capsules of Coritussal, a well-known brand from Bukwang’s OTC division, Bukwang Tax Gargle, a product in the Bukwang Tax line targeting gum diseases, and Tacenol 500mg, sister product of Tacenol ER tablets containing acetaminophen. There are also newly developed OTC products, such as vitamin B supplements, vitamin compositions with magnesium and IQ Plus Tablets that improve memory, the last product especially targeting students.

This year, about 35 OTC, nutritional supplements and household items in total will be launched, and so far the process is on schedule. By the end of the year when they will have all been launched, Bukwang expects to have a stable and strong product portfolio in the Consumer Health division, including the existing OTC and household products. In addition, about 10 more OTC and household goods will be launched next year, which will help create a cornucopia of OTC products that will equal its counterpart in any other Korean companies.

While Bukwang is carrying out three global clinical trials in parallel, Bukwang is also striving to maintain stable and fruitful business in the local market in addition to pursuing the strategy of new drug development. As part of this effort, Bukwang improved efficiency of the ETC sales force by reforming its general hospital department as of March 1st, and also aiming to expand the sales force for pharmacies as well as launching several new OTC products. Such move by Bukwang is attracting interest of the industry and expectation on what fruits the OTC and household brand division will bear in the future.

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