Bukwang Pharm’s LID candidate JM-010 receives IND approval for Phase 2a clinical trial in South Afri

Bukwang Pharm. announced that it received IND approval for the Phase 2a clinical trial in South Africa of JM-010, its candidate for levodopa-induced dyskinesia (LID), originally developed by Contera Pharma now Bukwang’s wholly-owned subsidiary in Denmark. LID is a movement disorder that occurs due to levodopa in Parkinson’s disease patients.

Bukwang’s representative said, “LID is an inevitable side effect of levodopa that 60~70% of Parkinson’s disease patients experience after a long-term administration of levodopa for treatment of Parkinson’s. JM-010 is a new agent targeting LID and we are planning to complete the clinical trial in South Africa by early next year.”

Bukwang has recently been reinforcing its R&D for innovative drug development, conducting clinical trials for apatinib mesylate (targeted anti-cancer agent) and MLR-1023 (anti-diabetic agent).

“We are going to expand our efforts in establishing the company’s future growth engine in the overseas market by innovative R&D rather than in the domestic market,” Bukwang’s representative said.

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