Dr. Hee-Won Yoo appointed as co-president and CEO of Bukwang Pharm. - First ever female CEO in a Kor

Bukwang Pharm. appointed Dr. Hee-Won Yoo as the co-president and CEO of the company with Mr. Sang-Hoon Kim. Dr. Yoo was previously vice president of Bukwang. The decision was made by the Board of Directors on the 20th of March.

Dr. Yoo announced that she will not only focus on R&D and new drug development but also contribute to physical growth of the company. She will continue her efforts to successfully complete the phase 2a clinical trials of apatinib mesylate (targeted anti-cancer agent) and MLR-1023 (anti-diabetic agent), currently ongoing in Korea and the US, and start the clinical trial for JM-010, an LID candidate licensed in from Contera Pharma, Bukwang’s subsidiary since last year. In addition, she will improve the working environment for the employees of Bukwang so that everyone could enjoy their work.

Dr. Yoo graduated from the School of Pharmacy of Ehwa Women’s University and received her PhD from the same university. From 1995 to 1997 she did her post-doctoral training at NIH in the US. She joined Bukwang in 1999.

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