2019.07.10  Contera Pharma, a subsidiary of Bukwang Pharmaceutical, attracts investment from Medici Investment

2019.07.03  University of Dundee partners with Bukwang Pharmaceutical Company to tackle new drug treatment for Parkinson’s disease

2019.06.28  BNO BIO, a joint company by Bukwang and OCI, invests in a bio-venture that develop a technology in early detection of cancer

2019.06.26  Bukwang Announced commencement of Phase 2 Clinical Study of JM-010 in major European countries

2018.01.31  Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. registered patents on a therapeutic candidate for dyskinesia in Parkinson's Disease patients.

2018.01.26  Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. a novel candidate for type 2 diabetes, MLR-1023 is undergoing global phase 2b study.

                    - Approximately 50% patients are enrolled since the first patient dosed.


2017.09.11  Bukwang’s novel type 2 diabetes drug candidate “MLR-1023” initiated patients screening in global Phase 2b.

2017.04.07  Bukwang announces the conclusion of an exclusive license agreement with Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma on lurasidone HCI for Korea

2017.01.05  Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ‘JM-010’, a treatment of dyskinesia in Parkinson's Disease patients, is approved for Orphan Drug Designation


2017.01.04  Bukwang launched cosmetic products to target Dermocosmetic industry Importing ‘Repavar’ products from Spain Ferrer and expecting to expand

                    its business


2016.12.19  Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, submitted Phase 2b IND for new diabetic drug candidate, MLR-1023


2016.08.09  First patient dosed in pharmacokinetic clinical trial of JM-010, a new drug candidate for the treatment of dyskinesia in Parkinson's Disease patents

                    under development at Bukwang

2016.05.02  Received IND approval from MFDS on phase 1 clinical study of BKP-1502, Bukwang’s incrementally modified drug of Viread (tenofovir)

2016.05.12  Installed a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer at the R&D Center

2016.06.13  Poster presentation of phase 2a results of MLR-1023, a new drug candidate for type 2 diabetes, at the American Diabetes Association


2016.06.30  Signed distribution agreement with Ferrer on Repavar (cosmetic for atopic dermatitis) and Melagyn (feminine cleanser)

2016.07.01  Completed transfer of regulatory approval on Selbex Cap. to Bukwang, signed license and supply agreement with Eisai,

                    and signed sales and purchase agreement with Eisai Korea

2016.07.05  JM-010 phase 1 study Study Initiation Visit

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