MLR-1023: insulin sensitizing agent

  • MLR-1023 is a new drug discovered through drug repositioning technology. It is a novel candidate for type 2 diabetes, lowering blood glucose level by activating the Lyn kinase that controls insulin signalling pathway.


  • MLR-1023 was found to have excellent anti-diabetic efficacy without adverse effects such as weight gain in several preclinical models. Also, protective effect on beta cells in pancreas was also observed.


  • Bukwang and US based pharmaceutical company, Melior Pharmaceuticals I. Inc, are co-developing MLR-1023. MLR-1023 is now under global phase 2b study in both US and Korea and it is expected to complete in 2018 and to have result in the first half of 2019.

MLR-1023 : 인슐린 수용체 활성화제
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