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For Potential Partners

Bukwang takes partnership seriously, and approaches partnering opportunities with open options. Our current partners are located in Europe, North America and Japan, adding up to our global network. 


Bukwang continues to broaden the global network with the aim of finding innovation. Bukwang is a strategic partner of TVM Life Science Ventures, a pioneering global venture capital company based in Canada and Germany. In October 2014, Bukwang hosted the first ‘TVM Capital Asia Conference,’ engaging about 150 specialists in pharmaceutical business development and investment from Korea and abroad.



Bukwang has experience in wide ­ranging business models including:


● license ­in/out operations

● co-­development

● acquisition

● direct investments.



Bukwang is seeking more innovative assets to add to our pipeline. Our central strategy is to license in assets at an early stage and develop them up to clinical proof­ of­ concept, followed by license-out and/or (joint) development to the marketing stage. However, we are not limited to this model; we are flexible regarding the type and extent of collaboration with potential partners. 


In addition, companies with late ­stage assets or products already marketed in other countries are welcome to discuss sales and marketing arrangements with Bukwang.


Please send us your suggestions and enquiries to the following link :


If you are an investor and looking for a promising company to invest in, please click here for the reasons why Bukwang might be an ideal target of your investment.


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