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For Potential Investors

Bukwang aims to be the first global pharmaceutical company originating from Korea. As part of the effort, we have been investing continuously in promising new drug candidates and expanding our business.


Bukwang’s sales income mainly comes from original branded products and ETC drugs. More than 600 employees are working at Bukwang across the country, including expertly trained sales force. Bukwang has maintained consistently stellar performance, with 20% operating margin. A significant portion of our profit has been re­invested to expand the scope of our business and explore promising opportunities. Currently, Bukwang’s pipeline comprises of 4 new drug projects, with their preclinical and/or clinical development ongoing in Korea and abroad.


In addition, Bukwang’s scope of business has been recently expanded with the addition of sister company Bukwang Medica, an OTC­-specialized company. Bukwang also acquired Contera Pharma ApS, a Denmark-­based bioventure company focusing on CNS disorders. Contera will increase Bukwang’s presence in the European continent.


If you are interested in investing in Bukwang, please contact us at the following link :


If you are a bio-venture or pharmaceutical company and looking for partners, please click here for partnering opportunities with Bukwang.

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