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Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established on October 17th, 1960 and has since continued to produce excellent medications with the aim of improving global health for the last 55 years. Since Bukwang was listed in the Korea Stock Exchange in 1988, Bukwang is proud to have kept a healthy financial status and stable track record that earned trust from its employees and shareholders. Bukwang’s operating profit is at the top of the rank in the industry, nearing 20% as of financial year 2014.

Bukwang’s armamentarium consists of more than 100 products in various therapeutic areas: liver disease treatments such as Levovir and Legalon, diabetic complication products such as Dexid and Thioctacid, CNS disorder drugs including Lonasen, Ixel and Orfil, and respiratory disease treatments such as Azeptin and Asima. Bukwang continues to grow its original drug business through consistent focus on new drug development.



Bukwang was designated as “Korea Innovative Pharmaceutical Company” by the Korean government. Bukwang developed Levovir (clevudine) as the 4th new drug for hepatitis B in the world and licensed out to countries in Asia. Also, the first GMP manufacturing facility in Korea was established by Bukwang, and a new GMP facility that meets global standards was built as well, which improved our productive competitive edge.

Bukwang is developing innovative new drug candidates in partnership with pharmaceutical and bio-venture companies in Korea and abroad. Bukwang is carrying out multinational clinical trial for an anti-diatetes compound together with Melior Pharmaceuticals in the US, and co-developing a targeted anti-cancer drug with LSK BioPartners in the US. Also, Bukwang licensed in a novel candidate for movement disorder in Parkinson’s disease patients from Contera Pharma in Denmark, which Bukwang acquired in 2014. Bukwang has an affiliated company called Anterogen, a Korean bio-venture company specializing in cell therapies using adult stem cells. In 2012, Bukwang participated in financing of EyeGene, a Korean bio-venture, and in 2015, invested in Acer Therapeutics, a rare disease specialist company in the US. In addition, Bukwang signed a strategic partnership with TVM Capital Life Science, a globally renown venture capital firm, and carried out investment in an American CRO through Medivate Partners, a leading healthcare investment firm in Korea. Bukwang will continue to invest in promising companies in Korea and abroad.


In addition to ethical drugs, Bukwang is expanding its consumer health division with OTC products, household goods (toothpastes, hair care, skin care) and nutritional supplements with the hope of improving the consumers’ health and quality of life.


Bukwang is focusing its investment on R&D and currently developing the following new drug candidates:

  • MLR-1023: insulin sensitizer in type 2 diabetes

  • JM-010: levodopa-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson’s disease patients

  • JM-012: morning akinesia in Parkinson’s disease patients

  • SOL-804: Prostate cancer treatment

  • Dyna Therapeutics: Drug research and development


Bukwang acquired 100% shares of Contera Pharma ApS in 2014, which is a bioventure company specializd in CNS area. We are establishing an R&D network with the Danish academia, laboratories, pharmas and bio-ventures.

Also, Bukwang has a subsidiary company Anterogen Co., Ltd., a Korean bioventure developing cell therapies using adult stem cells.

We are planning to continue investment in R&D in order to sustain new drug development.

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