R&D History

2019  University of Dundee partners with Bukwang Pharmaceutical Company to tackle new drug treatment for Parkinson’s disease

2019  Bukwang Announced commencement of Phase 2 Clinical Study of JM-010 in major European countries

2018  Bukwang Announces completion of dosing of MLR-1023’s phase 2b study.

2018  Bukwang initiates phase 3 study with lurasidone HCl for patients with Schizophrenia

2018  Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(“Bukwang”) registered patents on a therapeutic candidate for Levodopa-induced dyskinesia

          in Parkinson’s disease. - International application and registration of patents on therapeutic use and composition, formulations and

          metabolites for Levodopa-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson’s disease.

2017  MLR-1023, a novel type 2 diabetic drug candidate, global Phase 2b subject enrollment has initiated

2017  JM-010, a treatment of dyskinesia in PD patients, received orphan drug designation from Korea MFDS

2017  Signed an Korea exclusive license agreement of lurasidone HCl, new drug for schizophrenia, with Sumitomo Dainippon


2016  Bukwang has entered a distribution deal with Kalbe International Pte. Ltd. to export "Dexid Tab" to six countires,

          including Philippines and Vietnam.

2016  Anticancer agent Apatinib Mesylate designated orphan drug from Korea MFDS

2015  Phase 2a study of anti-diabetic agent MLR-1023 and Phase 2 study of LID (levodopa-induced dyskinesia) candidate
          JM-010 each completed

2014  Acquired 100% shares of Danish biotech Contera Pharma

2014  Signed license agreement on JM-010, a candidate for movement disorder in Parkinson’s disease

2013  Acquired approval in Korea for Dexid Tab 480mg (R-thioctic acid tromethamine salt), R-form thioctic acid

          developed independently by Bukwang

2013  Signed license agreement on MLR-1023, an anti-diabetic candidate

2009  Signed license agreement on YN968D1 (apatinib mesylate), an anti-cancer candidate and

          VEGFR inhibitor

2009  Acquired approval in Korea for Lonasen Tab. 2mg and 4mg, new drugs for schizophrenia

          developed by Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma in Japan

2007  Acquired approval in Korea for Nadixa Cream (nadifloxacin), new anti-acne drug developed

          by Ferrer in Spain

2006  Acquired approval in Korea for Levovir Cap. 30mg (clevudine), the 11th new drug

          in Korea and a new drug developed by Bukwang

2004  Acquired approval in Korea for Somazina Tab. 500mg (citicoline), a new drug for

          stroke developed by Ferrer in Spain

2002  Acquired approval in Korea for Thioctacid HR Tab. 600mg and 200mg,

          new drug for diabetic neuropathy, developed by Meda in Sweden

2001  Acquired approval in Korea for Asima Tab. (doxofylline), a new drug for COPD and asthma,

          developed by Eurodrug in Ireland

2000  Acquired approval in Korea for Ixel Cap. 50mg and 25mg (milnacipran HCl),

          a new anti-depressant developed by Pierre Fabre in France

1998  Acquired approval in Korea for Thioctacid Tab. 200mg (thioctic acid), a new drug for diabetic neuropathy

1998  Acquired approval in Korea for Legalon Cap. 140 (Carduus marianus extract powder), a new drug for liver diseases 

1995  Acquired approval in Korea for Navelbine Inj. (vinorelbine tartrate), a new anti-cancer drug

          for non-small cell lung cancer and progressive breast cancer

1990  Acquired approval in Korea for Bukwang Azeptin Tab. (azelastine HCl), a new drug for allergic rhinitis

1990  Acquired approval in Korea for Orfiril SR Tab. 300mg (sodium valproate), a new drug for epilepsy and mania

1986  Acquired approval in Korea for Bukwang Kerlone Tab. (betaxolol HCl), a new beta-blocker

         for high blood pressure developed by Sanofi-Aventis in France


1978  Acquired approval in Korea for Primalan Tab. (mequitazine), a new drug for rash and allergic rhinitis


1974  Acquired approval in Korea for Synthyroid Tab. 0.1mg (levothyroxine sodium hydrate), a new drug 

          for hypothyroidism



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